The Strawberry Train of Aranjuez

Come to visit Aranjuez! Beginning the spring and fall seasons, run The Strawberry Train which tours between Madrid and Aranjuez. Strawberry Train invites you to taste the best strawberries of Spain and visit the beautiful Royal Palace of Aranjuez, where Spanish kings spent their spring and fall seasons during 19th and 20th centuries.

What is the Strawberry Train?

Last centuries, the Queen Isabel II ordered Marquis of Salamanca to build a train that connects Madrid and her palace for spring and fall seasons in Aranjuez. At the beginning this train was used only by Spanish royal court. However, later the people of Aranjuez used it to transport the best strawberry to the capital.

EHArjz_pelicula_llegada_aranjuezThis train started to run on 9 February 1851, when the first train took Isabel II to the entrance stairs of the Royal Palace. Years later, the first station was built to be used by the rest of the population. Today this station does not exist.
We have to mention that this was the second train line in Spain, after Barcelona-Mataró which opened in 1848 to transport the workers of Barcelona´s suburbs. Curiously, the very first train line built by Spaniards was in Cuba which was a Spanish colony at that time.

Progress in the railway line

Years later, the Spanish goverment ordered to build a new station in Aranjuez (between 1922-1927) by MZA Company (Madrid-Zaragoza-Alicante Railways company). This way, the railway never finished in previous Aranjuez station like before was happening. New stations were built and new routes and destinations were developed over the following years.

What does the Strawberry Train trip offers?

On the trip, you can taste the strawberries grown in Aranjuez. These delicious strawberries are grown in a good soil and a special care is taken of them. The strawberry season is from May till the end of summer.

Also can enjoy several visits included in the same pack offered by National Heritage: the Royal Palace (guided tour), the Royal Gardens (free entry), and the Museum of the Royal Barges (free tour).

Where does the trip to Aranjuez start?

The trip always begins on Príncipe Pío Station (Madrid). You can get there by Cercanías Renfe (lines C-1 and C-10), and also Metro of Madrid (line 6, 10 and Ramal line from Ópera metro station).

Principe Pío Station: Paseo de la Florida, s/n, 28082 Madrid

The cost of the trip and the packs:

Since 2017 this amazing trip count with four different packages which includes round trip, strawberries on the train, a bus to the Royal Palace and a visit to the Royal Palace and Gardens and Royal Barges, where you can choose some of the following packs:


  • Go and back trip
  • Historical information and discounts for Aranjuez restaurants and shops
  • Tasting strawberries offered by stewards with vintage dresses
  • Free trip in Aranjuez

FARES: Adults: 23 € / Childrens (4 to 12 years): 9 €


  • Same services offered on Route 1 and…
  • Trip with “Chiquitrén” from Aranjuez Railway station around the old town and gardens
  • Guided visit in the Royal Gardens

FARES: Adults: 26 € / Childrens (4 to 12 years): 14 €
Special fare ” Tarifa especial ‘Full Cabin carriage BB 5045 ‘ for 8 passangers: 110 €


  • Same services offered on Route 1 and…
  • Guided visit by walking around of nearside of Royal Palace and Royal Gardens of Prince and Island
  • Trip with touristic boat of Aranjuez in Tagus river.

FARES: Adults: 30 € / Childrens (4 to 12 years): 15 €


  • Same services offered on Route 1 and…
  • Transfer from Aranjuez Railway Station to Old Town by bus.
  • Guided visit in Royal Palace
  • Entrace to Barge Museum with royal boats (not guided)

FARES: Adults 30 € / Children (4 to 12 years) 15 €


One way:

  • Departure from Principe Pio Station                     09:50 h.
  • Arrival to Aranjuez Station                                       10:44 h.

Return trip:

  • Departure from Aranjuez Station                            18:55 h.
  • Arrival to Príncipe Pío Station                                  19:48 h.


  • April.- 29
  • May.- 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29
  • June.- 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
  • September.- 23, 24, 30
  • October.- 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29

Where can you buy the tickets?

Choose one of the following:

  • Pre-sale tickets are available on railway stations (e.g. Atocha, Chamartín, Aranjuez stations).
  • By phone +34 902 320 320
  • On the internet: Renfe Webpage (suggested)
  • From Travel Agents

P.S. Unfortunately, on the Renfe webpage the procedure of purchase is available justin Spanish.
If you have any questions or problems, please, contact us or Renfe Company for further information.

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